terça-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2010

Know thyself, or this is sooooo not me!

Everything is a test, but not everyone is relaxed about everything (if you know what I mean!!!)
Generally, I am never stressed: my attitude is best described by the Brazilian phrase: "Voce e' muito zen" ("You are very zen"), which is quite different from the common American shrug followed by an indifferent 'whatever'...
However, for the past month I've been a bit under pressure. The reason? Some people wanted to get answers from me that were 100% against my nature and the mere possibility of forcing myself to do or say something that is very much unlike me hurt. A lot.
So here's why & when analysis is more than every welcome: know thyself. Observe. Compare & contrast. Listen to yourself. Ask questions, ask for clarifications. Do not be afraid to be a bit paranoid (when you are alone in the dark).
What doesn't break you, makes you stronger. That's how I feel now, at any rate!
Ready to face the music and pearls.
And pretty flowers and St. Valentine's coming.
One fundamental question needs to be asked: how can a person who considers herself to be non-romantic create something for the people who really believe in romance?

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