terça-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2010

Now you see it, now you don't! A woman I'd go out with

Easy to guess, right?
If you know me (reading me counts as knowing me), you'd realize without any effort who is my kind of girl, whom I'd enjoy going out with.
Yet, even more so than in the children's example/illustration, the difference is very subtle indeed.
But when you know what is sentimental, you shun away from it instinctively & rapidly. Or if you buy it for your collection it's only because of the pearl chocker - had I decided to buy all the sentimental images just to show how much I dislike them.... I would've been even more broke than I am now (would it be possible at all, I wonder?)
So here's to smart women. Better still: smart & beautiful women, for they are around us & they are our (mine) best friends.

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