quarta-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2010

Men who smoke put me on fire (of sorts...Freudian?)

January the 14th is my father's birthday. I used to think that we were very similar & that was the reason why we would fight. Not big time fights, nuisances, rather, but still. It also made me wonder if you have a bigger chance of fighting with your parents if you are very much alike or very different.
I still haven't arrived at a definite conclusion about that but I know that I love men who smoke because my father is a chain smoker. Irrational & smelly as it is, I am fine with it. I remember shocking a Parisian friend once when after 4 hours walking he lit a cigarette and I exclaimed (I didn't know he smoked at all!): "You don't smoke enough!!!"
He thought at me as if I were crazy. Won't say I am not, but there's always a reason...

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