segunda-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2010

Artistically ugly: on transformational power & flexibility

(Almost) my hands as seen by Durer: normally so elegant, soft, white & with (outrageous, truth to be told!) nail polish, these days they are nothing like that at all.
But instead they produce some fine work, and then by Saturday morning the miraculous transformation from Cinderela to Princess will take place.
That's the best part of the game, or games, rather, plural: Life, womanhood (hate this word!!! i am not into feminisism or womens' studies, sorry!), and creative work in general.
The ability to transform yourself, your surroundings, your thoughts - and other people's way of looking at things, the way they feel & behave.
Mix n' match approach. With ease & uttermost grace, whenever you feel like it. Switching between completely different contexts with zero effort.
That's what I loved about Rio - going to a dirtiest of bars, a hole in the wall, literally, in a beautiful silk dress. Effortless nonchalance, which brings to mind the best definition of elegance I've ever come across (in a highly improbable place: Mills & Boon romance): "A real lady wears a cloth jaket as if it were a mink coat and tosses her mink coat as if it were made of cloth".

So I am enjoying my dress-down now because the super-sophisticated look is going to be revived soon. One is impossible without the other. And it's not even the other side of the coin - my coin's each & every side is more like a mosaic, really. My looks could change 4 times during the day, depending on..... as many factors as you possibly can't imagine. And neither can I, quite yet...
The best part of the game(s), so let's roll up our sleeves & put our ugly artistic hands to work for the more beautiful future. But not entirely, for beauty 24/7 bores us, too!

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