domingo, 9 de maio de 2010

Afraid of books?

When I first moved to Chicago in 2004, Harold Washington Library (above) was the building I was most impressed by. I mean, I don't want to say that I made fun of it, but the unfriendly gargoyles on the roof made me smile & think that if people are afraid of reading, here's the reason.
Now, in all my 4 years in Chicago I kept buying books & somehow I never bothered to get a library card. This time around it was the first thing that I did.
And ooooh, what a place this is!
First of all, there's a certain type of people who go there, many of them being homeless.
The most interesting thing is that I do see them read with great pleasure inside this friendly building (it is friendly inside, for sure!)
At the same time all you see outside is young & successful people who only read their iPhones.
So what does the future has in store for us? (not the Apple Store!!!)

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