sábado, 15 de maio de 2010

Suntan guaranteed or money...forward!

And this is where I lived for most of my time in Brazil (hmm, 'time' sounds like prison time, which it certainly wasn't).
Even though if you are not familiar with the city, the above images might indeed look like prison.
But I loved my dear Sao Paulo with its 19 million people and an incredible number of cultural events (this week-end is a Virada Cultural, "White nights'', and I am very nostalgic!)
As far as the stereotypes go, all my friends in other countries expected me to get suntanned. Yeah, right, with more skyscrapers than NYC and a lot of rain...
Luckily, I am not a huge fan of the beaches and the sun culture. Even though right now, at this very second, I'd pay to see the sun in the skies...

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