quarta-feira, 12 de maio de 2010

I'm nothing without one dollar stores!

I've been drawn to 99 cents stores & to the slightly more upmarket one dollar stores long before I moved to Brazil. In Brazil this type of a commercial arrangment is more widespread & much more picturesque. So now I am hooked.
Plus I am not rich, and, more importantly, I often need strange things, or simple things to make strange things. And I can only find them in one dollar stores.
At the same time I might be putting my health & beauty at risk (and it's better that my mother, a super-manager of a great French cosmetics brand, doesn't know that - but she will, of course, since she reads this blog religiously...) - I do not only buy generic weird stuff, but I put some of it on my eyes, face & lips.
Will I be recognizable the next time she sees me???

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