domingo, 23 de maio de 2010

Attention to detail (but 'feelings' count even more)

Choosing a 'house of your dreams' is very much like getting a man of your dreams.
Or maybe not.
At any rate, you just never know.
Take me for example: I am very picky & have a set of pretty rigid criteria (technical first, emotional second, but they most of the time come first), but in the end....
Heat wave hit Chicago, but I still went out on my house quest. As I was walking down one street, quite beautiful, yes, but a bit too 'suburban America' for my big-city girl taste, I was thinking that it's not me... And yet I went in to see one apartment there and I...fell in love with it.
So you see, you just never know, really.
I am not stressed or confused. It just added a bunch more variables to my non existent formula.

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