sábado, 8 de maio de 2010

Austerity measures applied to Pearlsboreme...making it all even more fun!

Having lots to choose from makes everything very difficult. Even if you have crystal-clear ideas. You remember me going at length describing my 'creative torments' when it was time to embellish my designs with lace, silk, etc.
Well, that's over for now. My materials are in London & I am left with virtually nothing: some stuff I bought in Chicago's Chinatown (quite dissastisfied with the way there business is run there! Sao Paulo beats them big time!)
But maybe that will make things easier to handle & the results will be cleaner, almost minimalist.
Plust summer will arrive one day, hopefully... And with heat you want to put less on. Jewlery is obligatory, but lace & silk & all the frou-frou stuff can wait till fall...
Hurray to our forced austerity & abstinence laws!

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