segunda-feira, 24 de maio de 2010

Uncomfortably sexy?

I am a purist & a maniac with regard to many things, especially colors, matching things, putting them together nicely so that the ensemble works well & looks just right.
So, imagine the same outfit as above but with flip flops.
No way.
There are a ton of little apparently insignificant decisions that go into deciding what to wear. Since that particular Sat. night I felt like wearing this skirt, I had to build my outfit around it. And this pair of shoes (and a purse) were the final touches.
Once again: I totally disagree with the idea, quite common in the US, that if you look elegant you can't be truly comfortable.
I was. I am and I will be.
Plus Aerosoles shoes are quite good.
Which reminds me: first good paycheck and I am off to buy my beloved CAMPER!!!

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