segunda-feira, 24 de maio de 2010

Flip flop time of the year

Real Brazilian sandals. Bought in Brazil. Sao Paulo. Better still: Bom Retiro (for those in the know!) Saudades!

Less real Brazilian sandals. Made for an American company & bought in Chicago.
Black? 2 changes in one: sandals and black, a color I never favored. But this particular model actually makes my feet look (slightly) prettier.

Among the little big Brazil-induced changes the one that interests me now is my being ok with wearing flip flops. I never particularily liked them & not only because my feet are really unattractive: I find flip flops too casual for my taste... but now I appreciate the comfort they provide.
Plus if I put one of my necklaces on, no one will have enough time to look at my feet, so that's fine, too!

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