segunda-feira, 31 de maio de 2010

Hunt continues: less action or more?

I think I will probably stick with my initial apartment choice, but just so that I feel better about committing to it, I have 4 more (or maybe even more) appointments scheduled for tomorrow.
There will even be a couple of multi-level lofts (strangely enough, one of this lofts doesn't seem to have windows in every room).
Putting totally different floor plans aside, one other factor is: do I really really want to live on a noisy street, or in a quaint, quiet cul-de-sac?
It's interesting that I am asking myself this in the first place, for I always took it for granted that I wanted to live in the centre of things. Now, I still will be in the centre, but some houses I've seen feel like my own home with a garden, back porch...
I will know what I decide by the end of this week, hopefully!

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