segunda-feira, 24 de maio de 2010

Save me from Salvation Army!

Being a shopaholic, like myself, might not only get you broke, but also ...killed.
Ok, ok, I am exaggerating: this particular Salvation Army (far away from the yuppie areas, which meant that the prices were...crazily low - I bought 3 tops, 2 pictured above were 99 cents each!!! How much lower can you get? Brand new & brand names, too!) was inexpensive, so I am not running the risk of being broke from that, but while i was there browsing, I heared one of the customers shouting at the cashier demanding his money back... it got pretty animated there, and someone even called the police.
I love it when instead of VAT we have this kind of ''spicy added value'', fun stories to tell about what we wear, which is exactly the logic behind my little ''educational'' jewelry creations.

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