sábado, 15 de maio de 2010

Get inside my head where riddles abound

Saying that I am a creative genius, and, therefore, disorganized, would not only be megalomaniac of me, but also an easy excuse.
But I have to say that I do understand Caravaggio, for example: there are many stories about his singular (although there were many like him in this sense, I am sure!) working style: apparently he would work on many paintings & fresco cycles at the same time, switching from one to another based on his mood.
I follow the same logic & it's incredible how things fall into place.
Or maybe they don't (and it's even better this way): I'd think that this would lead to that, but all of a sudden oooooooooooops, something totally unexpected comes up. A bit strange but still making sense, even without a title (for all my pieces have a name, it's an added value, not dissimilar to Goya's Disparates).
Generally I start out by looking at my image archive, 'feeling it', seeing what strikes my fancy at this particular instance. I choose some images, I am relaxed, and the ideas of how to put these images together flow easily.
Last night, for example, I sat down & I wanted to do the cafe-themed pieces.
Except for after putting together 3 images of people drinking coffee I got distracted by Pisanello's monkeys & the situation got out of hand... completely!
And it's great that it did, for what I wound up with 6 hours later were some of the best eccentric pieces I've ever done!
I am not showing you the finished product yet, but try out this test/riddle (above) and see how you'd finish it & what is the missing link...
And, why not, give it a name!
Our heads are beautiful, especially when we allow ourselves to get a bit crazy.

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