domingo, 9 de maio de 2010

Truth & consequences: Prozac nation?

My "DJ talent" in full bloom (reminder: I call 'dj talent' my ability to connect apparently unrelated events among themselves).
So, having found a 'job steady work', and not just any job, but something exciting, something with many responsibilities, things to learn, I am facing months of work only (it's about time, after a long sabbatical like I've had!)
Ever since I got back to Chicago, I've been looking at people & I can't help but notice how everyone seems to be proud of being a workaholic. People on a roll, enjoying themselves tremendously.
I felt out of place first, a bit jealous second and now I am about to join the club!
Yahooooo! Prozac Nation, here we go?
But I will always have my Brazil at least once a year!

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