sábado, 8 de maio de 2010

Unlike me: there are boring girls out there as well...

This 'lovely' (hmm...) creature by Renoir has the same name: Irene. As for all the rest, we two are completely different.
Today while printing my designs at a copy centre a girl struck up a conversation. Someone who is doing her Masters at SAIC (School of the Art Institute of Chicago). I saw her looking at my unfinished necklace (I was still wearing it, so desperate I am these days for new pieces to put on!) & when later on I told her that I was making jewelry she looked at me & said: "This is jewelry? This is paper!"
Typical of me, I didn't loose my nerve. Knowing that she studied in Florence, famous for its gold-making tradition, I said: "Well, you know, since I am not the one who likes gold or diamonds, I figure I can wear this!". Then she said: "Sure...I don't think one should judge one's artistic expression".
And I am thinking to myself: "Well, that's precisely what you just did".
Anyhow, instead of getting offended I was just thinking that it's much easier to find 'outrageous' art students, those who choose the route of gratuitous provocation, but such conservative types are quite difficult to find.
I guess it was my lucky day today!

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