quarta-feira, 12 de maio de 2010

It's a waste of time

This ring is called "There's a 50/50 chance she'll say no or she'll say yes". Well, the odds/percentage might be different, but generally speaking the outcome of whatever it is that you are waiting for is already 'written' someplace, and this is why I stay calm.
For me personally it's important - and enough - to know that I did the best I could. After which the situation is out of my control.
At times I think that being very flexible is not entirely good - it's as if I never consider anything to be really, truly important. Important to the point of getting upset if it doesn't work out. I think that you really make things happen if you are passionate about them, but if something doesn't work out and you drop it and move on... well, it might spare you a couple of gray hairs but how much satisfaction will you get from this eternal drifting from one project to the other, Bouvard et Pecuchet style?
So, as far as my promises go, if I had to keep one thing only, be serious about it (without ever being entirely serious, for it kills not only cats, but our Pearlsboreme, too!), let it be this art movement of mine...

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