segunda-feira, 17 de maio de 2010

Madeleine, that's my girl! Pearl justice, we don't confirm you!

This bug was used to underpin the fact that just before Madeleine's meeting with the Russian President she was told that the room was ... bugged.
Did she need to be told, anyhow? It wasn't big news!

The pieces of jewelry you wear do not only reflect your own personal style (or everybody else's fashion, if you are the type to do that), but they also could send a powerful message to the World.
In doing so, Madeleine Albright went back to the roots: since the dawn of time, jewelry was doing precisely that - you can find rings commemorating executions of kings, or a recently-signed piece treaty, etc.
Madeleine, as we discover in her book "Read my pins", has a great sense of humor indeed, for her pins were answers to some (unflattering, for most part) commentaries she overheard. Like the red fox above, a pin that she wore to a meeting with a South Korean delegation, where the leader described her personality as precisely that!
My hat off to you, Mrs. Albright! If one day I have the means, you'd be my spokesperson & a model - role, fashion, humor, you name it!

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