quarta-feira, 19 de maio de 2010

Good deals flourish. And flowers bloom. Vintage lives on. Recycling?

Looking great (ok, it's a self-compliment, and it's ok, too!) doesn't have to be expensive & girl, ain't it fun!
A bit less so now (for me), since as I complained before, all things vintage are fashionable & my honest life-long passion has become mainstream...
Oh well, since I am true to myself, I will have to stick it out.
This is the outfit number 1 of today. I saw many people in their late 60s looking at me with great interest. If their vision was sharp enough, I guess they were touched by recognizing the finishes & stitches of my outfit.
The dress in question: bought in March in Florence for 10 Euro. A purse bought in Paris for ...1 Euro.
And then you say shopping is expensive.

Necklace: priceless & unique for sure.
Test your art knowledge - a close up will follow

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