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Getting 'ready' to be touched profoundly?

This one is for my dear friend Emily: someone who is not only a book-lover, but a book 'professional'!
"Tromps l'oeil": variations on a book theme

For all of us, my beautiful girlfriends
The brooch above is called:"Excercise your brain".

"Put yourself in the characters' feet"

Someone I know posted the following today: "Getting ready to be very moved. Going to see the ________exhibit".
Now, I firmly believe that if something really touches you, it happens suddenly. It's a strong & overpowering emotion, made even more intense by being unexpected. It literally knocks you off your feet.
I like to ask people what was the last time they were truly moved. It's such an evident question, yet no one thinks about it too much, ever.
I don't think that it was because of all that but I was moved to tears various times today. Didn't cry because I was on a bus downtown Chicago with makeup on.
The reason for so much commotion (plus I am not a cry-baby by any means)? Well, I was reading "Monsieur Ibrahim & the flowers of the Coran".
The most surprising thing is that I remember seeing this movie years ago & not liking it. Reading the book was somehow very different.
Having finished the book long before it was time for me to get off the bus, I tried to find out the reason why I liked it so much.
I think that it is a very simple & unpretentious book. A book that reminds you of some profound, fundamental things without ever preaching or becoming sentimental.
And believe me, I am quite sensitive with regard to this thin borderline. For example, I can't stand Paulo Coelho ("New Age for Yuppies" was the best definition of his books I came across in the New Yorker some years ago).

It felt good to be moved.
It always does.
But I believe you can't 'get ready for it''. If you do, whatever it is that you feel, ain't gonna be real!

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