quinta-feira, 20 de maio de 2010

Bad news have arrived (but they are not so new).

Another interesting thing about the report (link below) is that it's not new - research like this has been done & published throughout the years in the USA.
The gap keeps widening & it's not going away anytime soon (if ever, alas!)
So I was right when I felt 'strange' when I got back to the USA after Brazil. Being brutally honest, what I felt was: if you don't have the money, you are better someplace else.
Strangely enough, I never saw it so clearly in my 8 years in the States before. I believe that coming back from Brazil to this Promised Land, the Land of Choice, I saw that the well-being here can only being bought, while in some other places even the poorest have it (or at least have content smiles on their faces that come free...)

Still, I love the US. But studying what's going on is good, too.
Eliminating what you think is wrong would be even better!

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  1. Não é um "feels good", mas enquanto brasileiro a gente vê que a tal Promised Land não é tão promised, after all. Isso é particularmente irritante quando tanta gente aqui vive achando que a grama do vizinho é mais verde, sabe?

    E acho que eu concordo muito com o que foi dito, mas não sobre a pesquisa em si, e mais sobre a situação: jaded and cynical. It won't ever change. Até porque somos todos humanos, e a nossa natureza é que fode tudo.