quarta-feira, 12 de maio de 2010

Isabel, knowst thou why State street is called "Great" Street?

This entry is for my dear Isabel, who, among other beautiful things that she does, still sends yo hand-written letters, once in a while...
When we first met she really wanted to have blue hair, but apparently getting the color that would stay blue was a problem.
Well, it looks like it applies to more than just hair color. Look at this product here, same thing.
So, before I forget: I have a suspicion now that our Chicago's State street is called "Great" street because it's here only that you can buy ...BLUE LIPSTICK.
When I saw it, I couldn't resist. I knew I wouldn't use it, but I had to have it. I was wrong though: I thought it was going to be really blue, but when I put it on (you betcha: I did that as soon as I left the store, applying lipstick using a storewindow as my huge mirror) my lips became the color of beetroot, much more intense than it came out on the photo & it was a hell of a job removing this lipstick.
Still, I looked like a vampire out in the daylight downtown Chicago!
Blue hair would've been much more normal, believe me, dear Isa Bel!

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