segunda-feira, 24 de maio de 2010

Book (like in 'reading') Favela Tour!

Welcome to my own unique & unforgettable Book Favela!
I specifically bought the 'tower'-style bookshelf hoping to keep there 'work in progress', books I was in the process of reading (for I never read just one book).
But of course it didn't work out, because I like to keep books next to my bed (that's why I say that I love going to bed with the French...philosophers).
I went out on a date with a guy in Sao Paulo. Very intelligent (but intelligence is not all, not even for me) & when we were discussing the reading question, he told me that this little 'towers' by my bed, his brother used to call the similar process at his place 'favelizacao', basically slum-building, piling up.
And occasionally this slums would fall down. And you'd see some long-forgotten book that happened to be buried underneath...
Anyhow, I no longer have the apartment you see in this photos. The chic place I live in now is not mine & you can tell this right away - the bookshelfs are scary - totally empty!!!

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