domingo, 9 de maio de 2010

Becoming modern has its price: my life as a 'holic'

I can't control being a shopaholic. And when in the library I want to take home with me pretty much all the books out there, or at any rate way too many, especially considering that right now - or 2 days from now - I will have to dive into manuals on computers & cool new apps out there (Apple, huh?)
But still, I got quite a lot of books at the gargoyle-inspired HWL (Harold Washington Library) today.
Irrational as I am, the only rational thing I managed to do was to choose books that are light & some are short-stories collections. French & Portuguese.
Hopefully I will read something for fun on the Metra train going to work.

Oh, the beautiful green train by Hopper. His greens were (are) incredible when seen live at the museum. No reproduction will...
Oh yes, by the way: one of the books I got today (the only heavy one) is Walter Benjamin.
I've been meaning to read his iconic work for my entire life.
Can't agree more with Mark Twain on what classics is, right? "Something you wish you have read but never have time to read!"

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