terça-feira, 11 de maio de 2010

High emotions from low tech

I've pretty much always known I am a ''vintage'' girl (hmm, and now I need to go hi-tech! oh well, contradictions only add spice to life, don't they?).
Even though now when all vintage is in fashion I feel like I've been... robbed (my honest, long-time passion suddently gone mainstream).
Anyway, let's get to the point: I went to the HQ today, to meet my future colleagues-to-be. Not nervous, for I never am, but aprehensive about not being 'modern' enough. And the very first person I talked to, a delightful lady, says this to me at the end of our conversation: "Here, this is my home phone number!" - and she hands me a hand-written number on a piece of paper.
It had an artesan look & feel to it. Freshly made & refreshingly un-modern. Out of touch with this times, synchronized with the times gone by. The ultimate (or the very first?) iPhone - Iphone...
I wasn't moved to tears (enough about that in my previous posts), but I had this 'warm & fuzzy feeling' inside. It's good to know you are not alone in the world.
P.S. ha! Eureka! with all my cravings for flowers & the new blue color-scheme in my wardrobe, this phone sounds & looks just right!

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