domingo, 9 de maio de 2010

"Paris in the Prairie": ready to live the American Dream in Chicago

Just got back home after a beautifully relaxing walk. Contrary to the 'almost winter comeback' I announced yesterday, today is a gorgeous sunny day. Not hot hot, but nice.
Plus I went to check out a couple of buildings I always liked to see if I'd still want to live there.
Didn't take any pictures, of course, but trust my word: it was the American Dream come true. Right in front of my eyes!
Not that many people sitting on the porches, quite empty, actually (well, today is Mother's Day, so I figure people are busy eating in their kitchens or in the restaurants), but that helped my imagination run wild, imagining myself living in houses like this.
I even found 1 beautiful building I've never seen before. Pseudo-Parisian style. Touching in its naivete.
Even though I like skyscrapers, the buildings I really want to live in are all vintage. One might object that it's strange, considering that I am an advocate of seeking authenticity, but American vintage buildings are no less American than the stainless steel & glass skyscrapers.
During my walk I was also thinking that for all this talk about not wanting to settle down... I guess that deep down I really want to have a place to come back to. A place to call my own....

And I can't wait to welcome my friends to my new home!

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