domingo, 23 de maio de 2010

Paulo Tiago, Professor Eletronico is for you

Talk apartments?
Paulo Tiago's place is one that I need at least to spend some nights in (no worries - I ain't gonna move in with you, dear!)
Now, since Paulo Tiago has joined us (thank you, BTW!), I wanted to give him a special warm & crazy welcome, my style.
And it gave me a great excuse to finally show the 'world' a fabulous vintage find. From Goiania (but as all the great things, made in Sao Paulo... )
Found by me 2 years ago.

The way people were supposed to learn a language back then.
Too bad I had to throw away the vinyls! But I treasure the pages with some of the most hilarious dialogues (and boy, weren't they many!)


Um comentário:

  1. hahahaha My cousins used this loooooooooong ago, and I guess so did my mom. I even remember throwing something like that away when we moved apartments in MG.

    And you should know you're more than welcome here. Or wherever my "place" might be. :)