quinta-feira, 23 de julho de 2009

All my little children: trafficking babies & animals

Just came back from a post office after sending 19kg of stuff to the UK.
I plea guilty to smuggling children & animals from Brazil to the UK. The children in question being toys (along with the broken doll parts: feet for my 'fetish' series, etc.) and the dangerous animals made of bright plastic.
At times when I buy this stuff I actually laugh quietly imagining someone opening my purse and finding this 'cemetery' inside (oh yeah, i also performed umbrella autopsy last week - these days nothing goes directly to a waste basket & many new uses for old things are invented).
One thing remains unchanged though: a female purse is still a mess and a mystery!
The baby you see here though will fly to Buenos Aires, Chicago & London with me (can't run the risk of loosing it, especially because 'green baby' is one of my dearest friend's nickname - Kyle, I miss you so much!)
At the beginning it was just a baby pin that used to destabilize my students & even the busy Starbucks staffers. Then I put it on a Rio de Janeiro necklace & to give it more meaning (conceptual pieces, right?) I added Minneapolis Public Library pin.
Hence its name: "Green Baby goes to Washington" - lobbying, right? To keep the libraries open.
About a week ago here in Sao Paulo one lady asked me what the message read. I translated it. She asked what the Lebanese had to do with it (libraries=lebanese). When I explained, she began talking about how she herself didn't read enough, not even the classics. I said that it was just fine by me.
What is not going to be fine though is this lack of not only looking at me, but talking and asking questions. Every time I go out wearing my piece is a unique, fun experience. Every piece is a true conversation piece & I enjoy it greatly.

UK will be different. But it still will be good!

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