domingo, 26 de julho de 2009

Hands-on knowledge: learn everywhere, all the time

One week from now I will be a girl from Ipanema again (because of a Feira Hippie in Ipanema that I go to every Sunday when I am there) - without a permanent home, nomad meets Bohemian lifestyle in my dear Lapa in Rio de Janeiro. Field work at the Recycling arts center during the day, as well as some fashion history research at the Museum of the Image & Sound & Instituto Moreira Salles, and lots of excellent music at night.
It was my last Sunday in Sao Paulo today & I went to EMBU das Artes, a big artesan fair just outside of the city. Found & bought many good things that I will later use in my work but the winners are those rings made from the beer cans' 'hooks' or whatever they are called.
Oh well - my vocabulary may not be perfect but my eye spots different thing unfailingly!
Cheers to other people's creativity. It made my day, yet once again!

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