sábado, 4 de julho de 2009

Getting old? Looking backwards or going straight ahead at full speed?

Probably it's that time of the year: my B-Day is coming. Maybe it's due to some changes taking place. Changes deeply felt, extremely needed and rooted inside. So much so that I delight in this digging & understanding things.

But since I paid a tribute - actually, just mentioned - one best friend from that time, that place, I'd like to mention the other - Katya.

Anna, living in Turkey & Katya, in Israel.

Katya is actually my oldest friend. The most incredible one, in that she is equally math & humanities gifted, something that is totally out of the question for me. The one who was years ahead of me with her appreciation for the fine arts. I still remember her telling me about writing essays, just for herself, about the Impressionism (I was impressed, too).

I loved her sleepovers at my place.

I loved our 'marathons' with Katya & then Anna when we were at the University.

We will do it again!

P.S. One day an American friend upon meeting Anna & Katya asked me how & why we have become friends. I thought for a second & said: "Well, because we have one very important thing in common: we hate the place we live in".

Well said. See the results!

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