sexta-feira, 3 de julho de 2009

Some get married, some don't

How many best friends can one have? Math not being my cup of tea (or as it's said in Brazil, 'not my beach' - and I'd love to collect a longer list of similar expressions from all over the world), I never bothered to count.
All I know is that my best friends live very, very far away from me. On other continents.
One of them is getting married tomorrow. On the sacred, symbolic 4th of July.
Si si no, caro Matteo.
Si si si, you'll say tomorrow. Ma mi avrai per sempre, lo sai!
The first time we went out together I recalled the episode of how a Communist Arts Comissar looked at Marc Chagall's paintings and said: "Well, there is a problem here: cows & horses do not fly in real life, so why do you paint it like this?" 'Why not?" - replied Chagall, unperturbed.
Why not, really. You'll see some flying animals in this blog, that's a promise!

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