sexta-feira, 10 de julho de 2009

'Let them steal art!'

I am a fast thinker. I connect things in a crazy way for sure, but it's great. To give you an example: I had a student back in Chicago who was double-majoring in Political Science & Music. So the moment she announces that in class I immediately ask her: "Oh, so you'd be able to tell us what you think is the most beautiful National Anthem!".
When I laid my eyes on this purse in Rio, the irony hit me right away: using a purse made of holes in Rio de Janeiro with its reputation is... simply great (I could post many more things confessing my -mutual- love for the cities of the world that have this sweet tingling feeling of danger in the air, something that in general I find to be a bit of an exaggeration). Caotic, dirty, masculine cities.
Now, the first thing you are warned not to do in a dangerous place is to wear jewelry (when I was married my husband categorically refused to go to work in Brazil because of all the stories about women's fingers being cut off in order to get the golden rings - so I had to get divorced to move here!!!)
So as soon as I started making my jewelry it hit me (again): if I make use of many famous paintings' reproductions I'd actually love people stealing my pieces. What better way of spreading the knowledge of art than this????
When I was working at the Museum of Rome we didn't think of that. Maybe I'll implement it in Naples or Marseille next time...

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