segunda-feira, 27 de julho de 2009

'Stretching'/expanding the category & giving homework to clients/friends

2 evident truths are about to be told (unneccessarily?), so I do apologize for that.
The 1st one is that expanding the category makes a lot of sense and even more fun. The 'thing' on the photo being the most recent case in point. I just sold it to a friend-client (this is the 2nd truth mentioned in passsing: your friends become clients and, better still, clients become your good friends) and she had fun thinking about it and trying it as a necklace/scarf/belt and who knows how many more uses there will be by tomorrow morning!!!
A match that seemed to be made in Heaven - Degas' dancers stretching their legs + a real stocking to go with/on it - becomes even better when you break this lucky coincidence.

Now, some rules and habits are very hard to break off: years I spent as a Professor make me give homework to my clients/friends: I do ask them to send me other people's reaction to seeing them wearing these pieces. So more than 'user-friendly' pieces, I prefer to think of what I do as 'friend-making' devices for my users-friends!
Paula, enjoy your green things!

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