quarta-feira, 29 de julho de 2009

Pretty or interesting, up in your face or mysterious?

This Friday at midnight, Cinderella time sharp, I am migrating to Rio de Janeiro for 'work': a pretty and pretty exaggerated word for something that won't feel like work, but will be serious and full of significance. Yes indeed: appearances are deceptive and Rio's chaotic charm aside, there is a lot to be learned there.
While choosing the image to announce my departure and 'no posting while there' policy, I faced the usual dilemma (for an ex advertiser now designer/'fun experience architect'): do you use an easy, up in your face, pretty & instantly recognizable photo or something that requires a bit of an effort from the viewer?
Depends, right? Lazy tired me, I just leave it for you to decide.
Productive August to all of us here, there, everywhere!

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