quinta-feira, 2 de julho de 2009

First pearl = 14 posts. Time to sleep

Making up for all these years I refused to be a blogger. 14 posts as a first pearl I threw into the Net. All in one night.
Now I understand why we are all one big blogging nation.
So I will continue playing with the Old Masters using the New Tools.
Have a meeting with the Young Fashion Clothing store owners tomorrow. They saw my personal exhibit & liked my work. Got to get some sleep now.
Can't wait to go back to blogging, though. My my, this excites me & worries me: have I sold my soul to the Devil (good idea for a necklace, take a note)? Have I, a previously black sheep, become like everyone else?
Who cares? I plan on having fun, trying to overcome my little pearl problem.
This year's birthday is going to be one jewel of a celebration...

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