sábado, 4 de julho de 2009

Minhocao, mon amour! Loving a city but leaving it

It won't be the first time it happens: once I've made good friends & I know my way around (but still haven't taken every single bus in town) I decide to leave....

Too busy now to think what were the best things (and there were many of them) but I will miss 25 de marco on a Sat. morning, like today & Minhocao on Sunday - all time, any time.

I will miss being mistaken for a humm, mmm, well, you know whom, in Jardim da Luz.

And I will miss my friends, but then, looking on the positive side, I will have some old friends back.

I feel like I am beginning a 'tribute to friends' series now.

Here's to Minhocao. And to Priscila e Ana.

Long live the surrealist feel it gives to the city.
And I am going to do a necklace with the garbage I collected on Minhocao during the Gay Parade. I was laughing really hard thinking that I'd only be attacked in Rio or Sao Paulo now because I steal someone else's trash & not because I look like 'gringa'...

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