quinta-feira, 2 de julho de 2009

'what's in a name?'

When I was a little girl my dad used to call me "Miss Piggy" & I actually liked this (but I never came to like pearls...to be cont'd).

Yeah, yeah, i know - this photo here has a bear (the 1980 Moscow Olympic bear, I believe), not a pig, but who cares: the more, the merrier. And this blog will become an Animal Farm soon.

Other nicknames I've had? Painfully few (and this is why I desperately want to have some now). My grandfather used to call me 'chrisantema' (flower) but the reason for this was never given.
Now, before I go to bed to count sheep (or pigs), I'd like to prepare a little agenda for the next post(s).
In order to justify my blog's name I would need to talk about the following:
  • things that bore me
  • things that excite, move & touch me
  • first childhood memories (good one considering my birthday next week!)
  • games I played & invented
  • jewelry-related episodes

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