sábado, 4 de julho de 2009

Terrible perfectionism?

Continuing on the cities I've loved.

Chicago, my love. Those who know it, know what I mean.

Well, recently a client of mine asked me to do a necklace for her architect-sister who did her thesis on Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater.

It brought back memories of my 33 day-long cross-country trip & of my sweet old Chicago.

And even more anecdotes about FLW's terrible temper & unreasonable (???) requests: his not letting house owners clutter it too much (well, not at all, it looks like - wow, I wish I had someone like this now that my apartment looks like a storage on 25 de Marco...), or his dislike towards tall people (thus impossibly narrow passageways & low ceilings, especially in Kentuck Knob house) and the highest point of it all: 2 red chairs in Oak Park. One redder than the other. Why? Because FLW figured (right away) that the tree in front of the window & the chairs would protect one of the chairs from the sun, so the color would fade. Thus he chose one to be upholstered a bit differently....

My my my: I am working on 3 fashion accessories collections now using mostly fabric & I just came to realize how insane working with fabric is. With the image it is the image that pretty much sets the tone, whereas with fabric you have all roads open to you. Not a good thing.

I got so tired that I decided to relax blogging....

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