sábado, 4 de julho de 2009

Time to throw a towel?

Never thought I'd be so much into 'feeling' things. Colors yes, that much I knew & is known about me. I am obssessed with colors, matching them (even though now I am more French than Italian in this sense - less perfection, more experimenting).

So, feeling, yes. Fabrics, textures. Touching, caressing.

Last week I was desperate to use towels. (That was a premonition, I guess, days before I got my huuuuge contract that requires me to use 95% fabric as my material of 'choice'...)

See the result - part of the same Degas' Dancing class painting you've seen re-used before (with the old monkey Prof, for example) is here again, now showing a group of dancers, tired, I presume, taking a break.

I wondered if any of them was considering calling it quits. Throwing a towel.

I am gonna throw a blanket over my head and sleep now.


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