sexta-feira, 3 de julho de 2009

Old monkey won't learn new tricks, but it might teach you a few...

All rightie,

let's go easy on Fri night. forget about Beckmann or the German expressionists, friends married, divorced, committed, always available and all far away.

Here's a nice easy piece that is also a miracle. I love doing this 'insiders' joke' bijoux. A monkey was a collector's item, but I am not a collector, so I just went with my gut and got it. Then when I cut out the Degas Ballet Class, I had this part left. The old guy you see was a very famous Professor at the time. In Portuguese you say about an expert that he is a 'macaco velho', an old monkey.

So here we go. Things falling in place once again. And the monkey is even wearing an appropriate attire!

Unique piece not for sale, unless BYOM - Bring Your Own Monkey


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  1. Irene parabéns pela iniciativa do Blog!!! Já falei com Alan seria interessante vc mandar foto dos trabalhos para por no layout!!!