sexta-feira, 10 de julho de 2009

Bride escapes, or how I want to divorce my best girlfriend!

If I say that I've been dreaming of divorcing my best friend for years, you'd think that it's a guy I have a crush on, right? Wrong. It's one of my best girlfriends and... well, it's a long story. But one day I will do it - untie the sacred not (ooops, dear Freud...'not' vs knot).

I could also tell you a story on my divorce party during the Halloween party when my soon to be ex husband came dressed as a boy-scout, while I recycled my wedding gown but also used high boots & a whip - my theme was the wicked wife, since that's what everybody seemed to be saying behind my back at the time. It was fun but let's leave it for now, too.

Let's just show some art. The first piece is "The bride escapes, or everyone wants to be someplace else" and the second is the wedding ring (the ring uses a metro ticket from Rio de Janeiro as a base & it very appropriately says 'Unitario'/Single on it).

When we are single we are not always alone & when we are married...

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