quinta-feira, 2 de julho de 2009

bijoux & swings: friend-makers, sense of humor-testers

Strange comparison? Not really. Back in my swinger days (that are not over yet) I could always judge a good person by the way he/she reacted to seeing a grown up having fun on a swing. If they looked at me & smiled, it meant that we could be friends, for they understood what was behind it all & accepted the possibility of doing things differently, and enjoying it.
The same goes with regard to the bijoux I create: the majority of people actually surprise me by how wholeheartedly they embrace this opportunity to smile a bit more or to pay more attention to what is in front of them, instead of just glancing.
But of course there will always be those who can't even imagine seeing an adult on the swing & won't accept anything but the perfect white string of pearls as a gift...

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