quinta-feira, 2 de julho de 2009

Lovin' art & scaring men off

Now I see it as a sign, something that marked me for life. Going back to that huge Hermitage Collection album: I spent so much time studying it that I knew every single painting together with its title & the artist's name by heart. And one morning I went out for a walk with my Mom. When we stopped by the newspaper stand I spotted the new stamps collection which reproduced the masterpieces from the Hermitage. So I pointed my finger & recited the names of all of them, one by one.

A man standing next to us looked at me, the little monster, the walking art encyclopedia, in pure terror, and almost ran away.

So when I look back I see 2 very important things here: my love for art & not putting men at ease.

Now that I am a grown up I enjoy it all, yes, all of it, really much more. My appreciation for art has grown & my provoking men (in all senses) is a conscious strategy now.

The piece here was a success during the opening event of SPFW - Sao Paulo Fashion Week. It's from my series called "Being disrespectful to the Great Masters", or Mix & Match: buy 2 Masters for the price of one.

Here Goya (Maja's feet) meet Degas' (2 of Degas' uncles who lived & worked in New Orleans).

This piece is aka "Men at work".

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