quinta-feira, 2 de julho de 2009

Degas had 2 uncles living in New Orleans, did you know that?

Some of the best things about doing what I do know - this playful bijoux - is that I keep learning things. And I don't mean the techniques (here I have a long way to go, still), but the actual facts, things that happened, call it a historical background, context, what have you..Even though I mix some stuff in a crazy way, being aware of some 'serious' details doesn't hurt.
Reading about this painting I learnt that Degas had 2 uncles who ran their cotton-producing business in New Orleans.
Another good thing is that all the little antique pieces I buy at the flea markets without thinking where I will use them, wind up in the right place. Like this watch on the wall. Capitalism at work.
This piece is dedicated to my designer friend Kae, with whom we frequently go 'tripping', imagining things & who gave me a beautiful necklace as a present for my 1st personal exhibit this past Sunday.

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