terça-feira, 7 de julho de 2009

Directly from Brazil...authentic Africa!

Soap operas invading the reality. It is even more so in Brazil, also due to the fact that there is less TV channels then, say, in the US. So now that the main hit is the novela set in India, the fashion business is all about that.
Yesterday I had another one of my 'Kyle moments' (Kyle, my dear Green Baby, saudades!!! miss you!): one side of the street - Indian music, right across the street - Michael Jackson full blast. Such a shame, considering that the only real cultural treasure here is Brazilian music...

anyways, here is some 'secret' footage on my African collection for a fashion company. the funniest thing is that I really am a good girl-scout: whatever you need it, I have it.
well, a weird girl-scout, considering that my own private Zoo aside, the 2nd collection is based on the popular 1980's soap here in Brazil that depicts the life of the hippies. Flower power full bloom. And I even had the marijuana necklaces at home ready for when I got a contract precisely to do this kind of work....

time to get back to work, roll up the sleeves. sleeves? what sleeves? it's Fall/Winter collection, which means it will be hot in Brazil, and in Africa, too.

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