domingo, 26 de julho de 2009

Dark (or pink?) humor, or my swine flu countries' tour fast approaching

Today's news is that the swine flu has made it to the Buckingham Palace. My mother is convinced that she had the disease 2 weeks ago. Now, this doesn't mean that 1. my mother lives in the Buckingham Palace or 2. that she effectively had the swine flu.
However, I am definitely getting ready to head for the 3 countries among the most affected by this epidemics: Argentina, US & the UK.
So my 'pearls to pigs' necklace aside, I am getting ready to exercise my sacred right to joke about it all (one of my favorite books is The Decameron - that explains my attitude, right?)
After strolling near the World Bank with the wooden snake brought by my best friend from India (some weird glances there!!!) how about arriving in sweet home Chicago with the 3 pigs glove?

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