sexta-feira, 10 de julho de 2009

There is genius everywhere, or why do the homeless people read more and say smart things?

The cultural level of Brazilians - something I could, and will, talk for hours once I am back in Europe. I should really be living in Buenos Aires, considering that porteno's love for books and the bittersweet atmosphere of the city ('saudade' is much more Argentinean than it is Brazilian, I am convinced) agrees with me. But then again, it was a conscious choice on my part: Brazil is infinitely more 'exotic' (here we go, the gringo speaking!)

Anyways, Brazil is one of the most expensive countries to buy books, even the second-hand sites & stores make me shiver after years of buying everything on Amazon... And it creates a vicious circle: people who are already weak in their reading habits continue not reading and the Government rejoices in this state of affairs.

What I find fascinating is that the only people I see reading - avidly, and all the time, are the homeless & a bit crazy people. They really do read. And no wonder if you listen to what they say it makes sense...

Well, there are 2 reasons why I remembered this now: the first one are the 2 of some of the best pieces of jewelry I got. Bought from a homeless guy in San Francisco. 5$ each. Amazing. But of course I read too much into it by thinking that the black dots in the Lenin piece was an alusion to caviar. But no, it was just an ornament.

And the second reason is a 'spicy' one: we all live by cliches, so even the smartest of my friends somehow expected me to have an intense love-life in Brazil. Like, as if no one could resist the samba & the beach. What? Can you see me here? See above - culture indifference among people, so where do I fit in?

One place I do fit in for sure: the second-hand bookstores (a huge business here) and their owners. I've broken a few hearts of these wonderful people, alas, for I love books but then I want to be left alone to read.

And tomorrow I have yet another date with my next victim: a black musician who thanks to his years of active service in the trade union (left,right?) talks about Dostoevsky, Bakhtin, Stravinsky and thinks that I am a godsend.

Ha! Ha! God sent me here for 1 reason only, so that I'd finally realize that I never want to grow up or give on art & culture. Men & seduction? Live it for when I go to live in France!

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