quinta-feira, 23 de julho de 2009

Size matters? Philosophizing about T-shirts & the importance of being off-center

From tea to beer: Brahma, for those not from Brazil or otherwise unfamiliar with the local culture, is a beer brand.
And of course this year Barack just had to be there...here...everywhere.
But since this year I, too, decided that I can and should make change happen, seeing this T shirt made me think of something quite different but very pertinent to what I do: how come that people are always up for wearing a T-shirt with a huge image smack in the middle but can be somewhat (or very, it depends) shy about wearing a necklace with a reproduction of a famous painting, about (at least) 1/7 of the T-shirt illustration size???
That started me thinking about the importance of being 'off-center' and made me decide to produce more broches - one little change - you put the same image you'd use in a necklace and just dislocate it, move it to a side.. and what a difference a few inches make!

Let's drink Brahma to that, a couple of inches of sips & gulps!

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