quinta-feira, 9 de julho de 2009

On paranoias: receiving gifts

I don't have many paranoias, but those that I am lucky to have are good ones. Talking about them would make a good starting point for a novel (except for I am not planning to write one any time soon).
Funnily enough, over the years I've noticed that suggesting people talk about their paranoias or recall embarassing experiences is an excellent ice-breaker among strangers at parties & such. Strange but true: if you ask people how they've made complete fools of themselves or ask them to confess some crazy personality traits, everybody happily jumps at this opportunity.
As for me, the gift-receiving issue is not my favorite paranoia but considering my recent birthday it's the most appropriate.
I love giving gifts (unbirthday presents being the best) but receiving is a problem. Why? Well, I am quite picky & if you give me something predictable (which is easy to do since I love crazy things) I get so disappointed that it immediately shows on my face. I can control many things but not this one.
Talking about jewelry gifts: the one and only time I got an expensive gift from my ex boyfriend who really was always careful with spending money, it happened to be the turquoise bag famous T-brand that I simply can't stand. Chunks of silver with no design. So, we sit at a breakfast table at home and he gives me this. I look at it, take it, put it next to the cereal boxes without opening.
That would teach you never ever to give me presents!
Still, some less well-informed or simply more corageous people try and...succeed.
Most recently it was Kae: first as a private joke he gave me a necklace with pierced ears (my 'real' ears are not pierced, people say that i am different even in that) so that I could say that i finally am more like everybody else. And then for my birthday he gave me an eye (for watching over me, always) and a hand blowing me a kiss.
So now that I have to wear my creations only in order to do promotions these 2 pieces are the only ones I will make an exception for & wear.
Other paranoia stories will follow. For now I want to feel normal enjoying the gifts I've received. May I?

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