terça-feira, 7 de julho de 2009

All or nothing

Exaggerating is normal for me: I either don't do it (whatever the 'it' is) or do it too much, too fast, and all at the same time.
For someone who has always hated and, consequently, never done anything with her own hands, going from 0 to 100 was...natural. Yes, because if I like doing something, I don't 'go', but jump, run & fly for it...When I was a little girl I never, and I mean never, gave any hand made presents to my parents, but now, at a respected age of 31, I am very much tempted to give a gift on Mother's Day... proud of myself...
Because of how much I enthusiastically produced, now people really think that I have others working for me. Like a big serious company on an industrial scale.
Hmm... and that makes me think about the 3 collections - many many items, industrial scale indeed - that I am supposed to roll out...

Well, see the behind the scenes: my 'working table' and Barack Obama's mask - a souvenir from the Carnival in Rio (it was funny how all of these masks - Arafat, Obama, Lula - looked the same). Industrial scale production results?

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